Vortex manufacturing transition systems
change everything!


Transition Systems

Vortex Manufacturing does not stop at making the finest baggers in the industry. As leaders in this business, we recognize that regardless of the builder, baggers are only as good as the system that delivers the product from the weigher to the bagger.


That’s where our superior transition designs come in - by stressing gentle handling, the highest safe speeds for the product, and amazingly dependable low maintenance operation.

Transition design is dictated by:

  • the type, speed, and configuration of the weigher and bagger
  • the product type and size
  • the footprint or space available

Since we do not build or distribute “weighing systems” we are never forced into using a standard design that accommodates our need rather than that of our customer. That’s a transition that many competitors have yet to make.

Transistion System & Collect/Diverter
Bag In Open Position
Bagger Front End