Vortex manufacturing redefines bagging speed. Again!

Bagger Machines

The most commonly asked question Vortex Manufacturing gets about our amazing precision baggers is: How fast will it operate? 

The simple answer is that regardless of the type or brand of bagger, the speed is largely dependent on the size, shape, orientation, texture and density of the product as well as the size of the bag opening.

We specifically designed our world famous Vortex3600 with all of these factors in mind. The result? We’ve built the most productive, cost effective bagger in the world!

Baggers for produce can be classified by the intended use.

Clipping machines are typically used for packing light weights (under 5 lbs.) in a net bag. Most of the machines built during the past 10 years are very similar to the new ones that are available and rebuilding is an excellent option. Older machines can be made very reliable but they are not as fast as newer designs.

Carousel semi automatic baggers are very versatile systems, but require additional labor and are not as fast as automatic machines. Typically a rebuild for a carousel is economically viable.

Automatic wicketed bag machines have been built for about 15 years. Some of the older versions are no longer usable regardless of the condition. Most of the newer systems are viable if they are used as the design was intended. The design characteristics include speed, bag type (mesh or poly or half and half) and configuration. The newer baggers typically require less utility usage (compressed air and current) and are more user- friendly.

If your current bagger is designed for the use the packer intends, rebuilding may be a good option.

Regardless of the brand or type of bagger, if rebuilding is the selected option, any available updates should be considered. All bagger manufacturers have made improvements in the systems they supply. These improvements are dictated by demands from packers and therefore are usually a good value.


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