Vortex Manufacturing makes Fruit bagging machines and parts to meet your specific application!

Fruit Baggers:

​Since its introduction in 2004, the Vortex 3600 has become the best selling bagger in the US. The reason this machine is so popular is obvious when the features are compared to our competition.

Standard Specifications: (We can customize our machines to meet your specific application)

  • Handles 2 lb. to 20 lb. bags with simple adjustments
  • Runs Poly, Poly Mesh and Mesh Bags (with Poly strip) without any tooling change, or significant loss of bagging speed
  • The best in-feed heads in the industry (eliminates-feed bridging)
  • Larger throat with larger filling area handles large spuds with ease
  • The most positive bag opening device available
  • We have successfully eliminated the need for expensive-to-maintain and altitude sensitive vacuum systems
  • We do not use a blower system to inflate bags. They deposit dirt and dust onto the inside and outside of the product bags as well as equipment nearby potentially contaminating sensitive items. In addition, air quality degradation and dust slippery dust deposits may cause a health/safety hazard for workers in the surrounding areas
  • Vortex Manufacturing makes use of many standard “off shelf” components, saving you money
  • The Vortex 3600 is available in stainless or powder coated mild steel
  • The Vortex machine uses touch screen technology making set-up and operations as user friendly as possible
  • The Vortex 3600 is built in the USA and serviced by factory or factory trained technicians
  • The Vortex comes with the longest and most complete warranty in the industry
  • The Vortex 3600 requires less compressed air and electrical consumption than competitor’s machines
  • The Vortex3600 is a heavy duty system. Every component is specified and designed based on durability and reliability as the first consideration

"Since putting our bagger online we have drastically reduced waste and labor costs associated with packaging mini bagels and bulk packaged product. It would be wonderful if all our packaging equipment worked just like the Vortex/Affeldt machine."


Troy Schwartzberg
EVP Business Development
Bagelmania Baking


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