Vortex Manufacturing makes fruit check weighers that are the envy of the industry!


Guarantee consumer packages are accurately filled and that the weight displayed on the package is correct with a Vortex Manufacturing citrus checkweigher.

Our specialized citrus check weighers are conveyors that are mounted on a precision scale. As product is conveyed over the scale, it is weighed and analyzed against the target weight. Under weight products are detected and automatically rejected using one of several methods.

Vortex checkweighers are tough and specifically designed for citrus packaging. The speed and accuracy achieved by competitor check weigher manufacturers requires design features that are very expensive and render the equipment very fragile, unlike our robust machines that can take the pounding of commercial citrus processing over and over again.

Vortex checkweighers are specially designed to handle speeds of virtually all bagging machines and carton conveying systems. Speeds of up to 60 packages a minute depending upon the product size and weight are common. At our highest rates of speed, our accuracy has the astounding rating of +/- -0088 pounds or 4 grams.

Vortex checkweighers are compact in size and are custom built to specifically suit your packaging speed and size requirements. Intentionally engineered for a reduced footprint size, our machines will fit in very small floor spaces - which is great news for orchards with limited real estate.


  • speed & accuracy that work
  • compact size
  • versatile
  • heavy duty design
  • easy to service & maintain
  • infeed conveyor options available
  • discharge conveyor
  • options available
  • product reject options available


Product Weights:
1 Pound - 50 Pound bags

+/- 4 Grams

110 VAC, 60 HZ, 5 Amps

Programmable controls
for storing pre–set program settings

Metric/Gram or Standard/Ounce measurements
Checkweigher weight:
Approximately 35 pounds

100 PSI at 5 CFM (Only required if Reject Sweeping Device is used)

Standard Sizes:
(Custom Sizes Available upon Request)

No Minimum or Maximum Conveyor Size:
We build them to fit your requirements

WHAT HAPPENS TO REJECTED PACKAGES? When an underweight package is detected, several methods are available to reject or identify the pack ages. Vortex can desig n the right reject device for your needs.


  • an audible alarm
  • a flashing light
  • sweep the package
  • divert the package

Our engineers assure accuracy is priority number one. But a close second is reliability. We know that in this tough economic time, getting a machine to work hard 24/7 is essential to staying profitable and in business. That’s why you rarely see our machines down. But when they are in need of maintenance, we have the parts on hand to get you back to profitability in almost no time.

Just call or email us about your produce check weighing system needs to start a no-obligation conversation.


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