Vortex Manufacturing experts can refurbish bagging and weighing equipment systems!

Rebuilt Systems:

In many circumstances weighing and bagging equipment can effectively be rebuilt rather than replaced. Often older equipment can be brought back to new performance. However, when making the rebuild or replace decision several factors need to be considered;

Most of the weighing/bagging systems consist of 4 subcomponent systems; the in-feed conveyor, weigher, transition system, and bagger. Each of these components is independent of each other, that is, any one can be replaced, rebuilt or modified.In-feed conveyors are usually an inclined cleated belt conveyor that is readily rebuilt by replacing bearings and belts with large infeed hoppers.

The transition system transports weighed product from the weigher to the bagger. It is typically the most overlooked part of these systems and is frequently in poor condition resulting in a host of packaging problems. Because most, if not all of the transition system is made up of parts that are subject to friction with product, opening and closing of hoppers, flaps and doors, starting and stopping of conveyors this system needs to be well maintained.


Our engineers assure accuracy is priority number one. But a close second is reliability. We know that in this tough economic time, getting a machine to work hard 24/7 is essential to staying profitable and in business. That’s why you rarely see our machines down. But when they are in need of maintenance, we have the parts on hand to get you back to profitability in almost no time.


Just call or email us about your produce check weighing system needs to start a no-obligation conversation.

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