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Check-weighers are commonly used for most consumer goods packaging to insure that the weight of the product is equal to the weight displayed on the package. Basically, and dramatically over simplified, a check-weigher is a conveyor that is mounted on a scale, when the product is transported on the conveyor the weight increase recorded on the scale equals the weight of the product. If the increase in reading is not equal to the labeled weight, an under weight is detected. Many engineering issues arise when speed, accuracy, durability, available space, target cost and level of automation are considered. We believe that we have designed the best system available considering the needs of produce packaging.

The Vortex Check-weigher:

The Vortex system is specifically designed for produce packaging. The speed and accuracy achieved by most check-weigher manufacturers requires design details that are very expensive and render the equipment very fragile. The expense for these features is justifiable for many packaging operations but not for most produce packaging.

The speed and accuracy you need:

In designing the Vortex system, speed and accuracy targets were established based on the rate and accuracy of the available packaging systems. Because of these considerations we were able reduce the cost and at the same time build a truly durable system.


The compact dimensions and rugged construction combined with the low cost of this system allow packers to install check-weighers immediately after baggers or fillers thus immediately identifying the source of underweight. Additionally it is not necessary to re-route, combine, space and orient packages to accommodate the check-weigher.


The Vortex system is installed on a separate base frame, the check-weigher is easily separated from the base allowing the packer to use the same weighing unit at multiple locations and on separate base frames even if the height varies between locations.


The check-weigher is separate from the frame it can easily be removed and shipped (it weighs less than 50lbs.) to the factory for service thus eliminating the high cost of field service.

Rejected packages:

What happens to the detected underweight packages is critical. We offer several options for rejected underweight packages. The method is your choice, we can initiate an audible alarm, physically remove the package from the line, stop the check-weigher conveyor and bagger, or we can mark the package.

Here is what just one satified customer had to say:


"Since putting our bagger online we have drastically reduced waste and labor costs associated with packaging mini bagels and bulk packaged product. It would be wonderful if all our packaging equipment worked just like the Vortex/Affeldt machine."


Troy Schwartzberg
EVP Business Development
Bagelmania Baking


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